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Appreciation for teachers still exists

When I walked into one of my high school classes on Monday, I saw something I never thought I would see. I imagined I would find the likeness of Christ in a bowl of porridge before I would ever see an entire class of 60 high school students do this. At the class leader’s command, they all stood up in unison, smiled at me, and bowed deeply. When they rose, they all thanked me for being their teacher for a second straight year. Afterwards, the class leader presented me with a small gift.

Why did they do this? Were they all just raised to be extraordinarily respectful and humble? Was there something in the water on that day? Were the planets aligned?

It wasn’t Teacher’s Day or my birthday. I was caught totally off guard, and it was hard to hide my emotions. Even though the gesture was small, it seems incredible enough for me to want to film it for all to see. I grabbed my small video camera and asked them to re-enact it for me. It wasn’t nearly as good the second time, because they are shy, but at least it gives you an idea of what gratitude looks like.

Who says there is no appreciation and respect for teachers these days? It only shows you that teachers can still find appreciation in Taiwan and other places in the world for what they do.