Technology college students make case for Taiwan to take global leadership role for green energy


A group of technology students from National Kaohsiung University Yenchao Campus participated in a contest to write a story for the news media. The topic was to declare why Taiwan should take a global leadership role in green energy.

The writing team that was selected include the following students:

曾晧然 (Tseng Hao-Ran)
賴柏瑋 (Lai Bo-Wei)
張傳彧 (Chang Chuan-Yu)
鄧淳仁 (Teng Chun-Jen)
呂岳衡 (Lu Yueh-Heng)
郭明森 (Guo Ming-Sen)

Below is their story.

Why should Taiwan take a global leadership role in Green Energy?

Because of the lack of natural resources, such as coal and oil, Taiwan has utilized nuclear power, which at present provides about 19% of the total supply of electricity. But actually it is not appropriate for Taiwan, an island located on a seismic belt, to utilize nuclear power. Thus, it has to develop an alternative power generation methods, namely Green Energy, to handle this situation.

Taiwan has innate advantages for developing Green energy, such as geothermal energy, solar energy and wind power. Cing-Huei geothermal power plant located in Yilan has been operating since 2014, and it supplies the electricity necessary for Cing-Huei geothermal park, the first self-supplied electricity tourist park in Taiwan. In addition, the density of wind energy content of Taiwan ranks second in the world, and there are 325 wind turbines in Taiwan. Until the end of October 2015, these wind farms had totally produced 1.1 billion 53 million kWh of electricity.

Currently the government of Taiwan strongly advocates Green Energy, and expects to introduce this concept into practice for daily life. For instance, products like electric vehicles, LED lights, and inverter air conditioners can help save electricity. National Cheng Kung University in Tainan has a wonderful green building named the “Green Magic School.” With advanced energy-saving technologies and renewable energy technologies, it successfully saved 65% in electricity. Moreover, National Cheng Kung University is also the world’s first to use the “carbon neutral measures,” a method of absorbing carbon dioxide by afforestation, to construct a zero carbon building.

In fact, it’s not only in Taiwan, but Green Energy is a global issue, since sustainable development has become a target we want to pursue. So, we hope that with the Taiwan’s example and leadership, more countries would follow and improve our environment for future generations.

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