UFO or Secret Weapon over Taiwan?

This morning, Tuesday, January 10, 2012, at 11:00 am local time, people in Tainan City, Taiwan, a city of 850,000 residents, witnessed a seemingly unnatural phenomenon over their city. The morning was lightly overcast, with a layer of high-altitude clouds blanketing the sky. Sometime between 10:15 am and 11:00 am local time, a large sphere materialized. More accurately, the clouds were vaporized, leaving a perfect spherical hole measuring at least 6 km in diameter. The sighting left many people wondering about its cause.

Was it a UFO? Was it the testing of a secret weapon resembling HAARP? (If so, be on alert for a serious earthquake soon.) Was it something naturally-occuring? The shape seemed too large and perfectly spherical to be natural. It appeared that the clouds were vaporized by some heat or energy source.

This strange sight over Tainan City attracted many curious onlookers.

This strange sight over Tainan City attracted many curious onlookers.

With the heated political atmosphere during the Presidential election campaign in Taiwan, some perhaps speculated that aliens paid a special visit to Taiwan to give incumbent President Ma a visible, but non-interfering, endorsement that he could take credit for.

Perhaps, this was just a rare, but naturally-occuring fallstreak hole, but that wouldn’t seem as interesting.

Could this have been a fallstreak hole over Tainan?

Could this have been a fallstreak hole over Tainan?


4 responses to “UFO or Secret Weapon over Taiwan?

  1. You’ve got a very interesting blog. I think Taiwan would be a nice place to visit. How good are the people?

    • The people love Americans and other foreigners. They enjoy their democracy, but still have a lot to learn to make it fair. There is so much to do see and experience in such a small area.

  2. I’ve lived in Taiwan intermittently for nearly 40 years, traveling extensively there via motorcycle and 4WD in cities, mountains, and along the coast. There is always something interesting to do there and you never get tired of it. Its a GREAT PLACE to live and the people can’t be beat.

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