Family Adventure 06/06/2010

Learning about the rice harvest in Sigang Township.

Learning about the rice harvest in Sigang Township.

The beginning of June, 2010 brought us unexpectedly cool weather. We normally took time to go on family road trips to explore Tainan County, but we didn’t expect to be doing so in the heat of the Summer. The cooler weather gave us an opportunity for another road trip. We set off to explore the Dutch windmill at the Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area, but it really was the journey that made the day memorable.

As we left Sigang Township, I stopped to look at a pile of rice drying on someone’s pavement. From there, we found an automated harvester machine working in a nearby field. We stopped to take photos and video, and talked to the local farmer. I really enjoyed watching the kids learn about where their food come from, and to respect the land and the farmers who work hard to provide our food.

Click to read more about the Rice Harvest in Sigang.

On the road to Liuying.

On the road to Liuying.

We were on our way to the Northwest corner of Tainan County. We passed through the small city of Madou. As we approached Liuying, the terrain became more hilly. Orchards of Madou pomelos gave way to more rice fields, lychee trees, mango trees, and lotus ponds. We stopped by a home with an amazing lotus and lily garden and coffee shop. It was only open on Sundays, so we kept going.

Our road trips have changed a lot since we started taking them a year ago. Before, I would get very tense or frustrated if we were lost or off-course. Today was different. I am now well aware that some of our most enjoyable trips and adventures came from being lost. I didn’t care when we got to our destination or how we got there. We were truly enjoying the ride.

Once we were in Liuying, my wife saw a sign for the Wei-Quan Dairy Farm. We ventured into the compound and were treated to an amazing self-guided tour. Our children learned how milk was produced, and saw the process with their own eyes. I was impressed enough by the efficiency and cleanliness of the farm to switch my loyalty to the Wei-Quan brand.

Click to read more about the Wei-Quan Dairy Farm.

Children at the dairy farm.

Children at the dairy farm.

After enjoying our communion with the cows, we proceeded towards Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area. We finally arrived there around 6:00 pm, just before the orange sun started to set. It was a very serene and interesting setting to explore. An authentic Dutch windmill next to a serene lake and a park-like setting was very relaxing. Our children enjoyed feeding the cows and running on the grass and over the stone pedestrian bridges.

The children and the newborn calf.

The children and the newborn calf.

Click to read more about Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area.

This was truly a bonus for our family to have a pleasant day in June to explore and discover more surprises in Taiwan.


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