A piece of Holland in Taiwan

Dutch windmill at Teyuanpi.

An authentic Dutch windmill at Teyuanpi.

During one of our family outings on scooter around Tainan County, we visited one of the most interesting scenic locations. The Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area provides an unexpected landmark in a pastoral setting. A genuine Dutch windmill sits next to a small lake, giving visitors a taste of Holland.

Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area

The Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area.

Teyuanpi is pretty fair drive out into the countryside in the northeast corner of Tainan County, a few kilometers north of Madou. We arrived in the late afternoon on a Saturday, and found only a few families enjoying walks along the sidewalks and bridges throughout the landscaped park. There were about a dozen dogs roaming the grounds.

The grounds consisted of well-manicured green grass, stone pedestrian bridges, white picket fences, and small buildings (restrooms, event center, outdoor camping and barbecue areas) built in a distinct Dutch architecture. There is a working canal, next to a lake, with a drawbridge spanning over it. Walking past the canal, one is immediately drawn to the windmill, which was built in Holland and moved to this location. The environment seems very serene and a bit out of place.

Children feeding the cows.

Children feeding the cows at Teyuanpi.

Next to the windmill is a covered pavilion for picnics and barbecues. Next to that is one of the park’s attractions. A white picket fence enclosure is home to several cows. Visitors have the opportunity to feed and touch the serene animals. Even though the cows have large haystacks behind them, they always prefer the fresh, green grass offered to them by the visitors.

We left the Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area feeling relaxed and peaceful. We were left with a stronger impression about the importance of the past connection between Holland and Taiwan, where the blending of cultures provides the island with a richer history.

Cows at Teyuanpi Ecological Preserve.

Cows at Teyuanpi Ecological Recreation Area.


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