Scootering in Taiwan: Tip #2 Beware of Flying Objects

Scootering in Taiwan

TIP #2 Beware of Flying Objects

When driving a motor scooter, I cannot stress the importance of wearing a helmet (with closed visor) and enough clothing to cover your body.

Even though Taiwan can be a very hot place, most people drive motor scooters covering most of their body. They do this partly to avoid getting sunburnt and having darker skin. Asians typically prefer to keep their skin lighter-toned. Being tan is somewhat looked down upon. I also have started wearing protection over my arms during my drive.

On my drive home from work one evening, the bugs were very thick in the air. All manner of flying insects were pelting my body and helmet, sounding like a light hailstorm. I really felt attacked by airborne creatures when all of a sudden, there was a BAT that swooped down to munch on a cloud of insects and smacked me on the helmet. It was a pretty hard knock, and probably stunned or injured the poor creature. Thank God, Praise Buddha, and Hail Allah for helmets!

Arm Protection for Driving

Arm Protection for Driving


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