Taiwanese Ingenuity: Socks that fit like a glove


Socks that fit like a glove.

Socks that fit like a glove.

During my previous visits to Taiwan, I have seen interesting products that I had not yet seen in the USA. Some of these products seemed silly, but some seemed like pure genius. The ingenuity I have seen by the Taiwanese people have been driven by convenience and practicality. Some of the products include: baby shoes that squeak when used to walk, rackets that zap mosquitos, and disposable underwear sold at convenience stores.

I will occasionally run across more interesting products as a resident of Taiwan and will share them on this blog. The latest innovation is a pair of socks that truly hugs the feet. My brother in law was wearing a pair when I noticed them. I did a double take, as I first thought I was looking at a glove on his foot. I tried a pair on and was amazed at the comfort. I don’t know how long these will take to end up on store shelves at Wal-mart, but it will be a hit.


One response to “Taiwanese Ingenuity: Socks that fit like a glove

  1. Tony, you crack me up! lol

    We have those at Walmart only they are mostly in the women’s and girls sock section.

    We call them “toe socks” and they come in array of colors and patterns. Lauren has a bunch of them that are striped and funky-ish and she loves them.

    I LOVE your blog by the way. What an adventure you are living and sharing with the rest of us.

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